The IUSO SPBA54QD handcrafted pickup set consists of two quad coil humbuckers with exposed Alnico 5 poles, specifically designed for 4 strings basses. Each pickup is equipped with 4 conductor wires that provide various wiring options, including series/parallel or single coil hum-canceling.

By utilizing the inline split coil mode, you can achieve the distinctive jazz bass character and benefit from background noise cancellation. Opting for the parallel mode softens the sound, adding a smoother tone to your bass. When connecting the pickups in series, the character becomes even more aggressive and powerful, allowing you to unleash greater sonic strength.

Thanks to this configuration, the pickups set offers remarkable sound versatility, enabling musicians to express their creativity and achieve the desired tone during their performances. You’ll be able to adapt your bass sound to different musical situations, providing a wide range of expressive possibilities.

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-4 coils per pickup with exposed poles
-Alnico 5 pole pieces
-4 conductors shielded wire for series/parallel and single coil hum-canceling
-42awg Poly-Nylon wire
-EMG35 or double Jazz style covers

Additional information

Number of strings

4 strings


Alnico 5

Winding wire

Poly nylon


4 conductors shielded


Vulcanized fiber

Pickup type

Humbucker, Quad coil




Protective tape

Wire gauge

42 awg


88.80mm x 37.70mm – 4 holes EMG35, 96mm x 39mm – 4 holes

Cover soapbar 88.80mm x 37.7mm (4 holes style EMG35)

emg35 88.80mm x 37.70mm

Cover soapbar 96mm x 39mm (4 holes)

stile 1 96mm x 39mm


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